In the Spring of 2013, we hired Bob Callaway of Calari Construction to do the renovations on our home in Palm Desert, CA.

From the bidding process through to renovation completion, Bob was a very competent, friendly and prompt professional. He was very cost conscious, did not overcharge on owner add-ons, and was not hesitant to offer better alternatives than those we might suggest. Communications were excellent during renovations, and Bob was clearly able to deal with minor complications without needing our input. He handled all aspects of our renovations including floor tiling, carpeting, wall removal, plumbing, bathroom renovations, electrical, painting, kitchen cabinetry, and granite installation. He was also left to purchase ceiling fans, light fixtures, etc. in our absence and did a great job. All work was completed in a timely fashion. The outcome was excellent workmanship, a very clean finished product, and a home we are very proud of.

We would highly recommend Bob Callaway for any home renovations, large or small.

Paul and Cathy Richards - West Vancouver, BC.

Bob Callaway has completed two large remodel projects for us. The first was a total re-make of our condominium in Mission Hills Country Club (Rancho Mirage, CA) and the second, a major make over of our home in Reno, Nevada. After seeing the quality of work on our Mission Hills condo, it was very evident he was the right guy to do our home in Reno.

Both projects required work in almost every room. The remodels included permits, some design, electrical, plumbing, tile, painting and hardwood floors. Both projects were on older buildings so there was also a wide array of other "surprises" that needed attention. Bob managed to meet all his deadlines; both projects were finished on time and on budget.

Bob was great to work with and had many good ideas to enhance our projects. He was also a good listener and understood completely what we wanted before proceeding. We would not hesitate to hire Bob for any further projects we might have. Feel free to tour our condo in Mission Hills. I believe Bob has photos before and after.

Kenn and Jamie Hanson

Bob Callaway, Calari Construction, recently completed a remodel/rebuild of our Palm Springs home. Purchased in December, 2012, built in 1954, we added a master bedroom, full master bath, build-out of living room space, raised ceiling height/roofline, gutted and replaced kitchen and existing bath, new patio, pool deck, pool and spa.

Bob’s efficiency on the project was excellent. He handled subs, schedules, materials, and inspections on time and with no delays. When we were delayed by a permit issue with the city of Palm Springs, Bob took advantage of the time to complete other projects in advance of their earlier scheduled completion date. When unforeseen issues arose—inevitable in an older home-- Bob handled problems by checking out and recommending solutions.

We would highly recommend Bob Callaway for any home renovations, large or small.

Bob’s knowledge as a contractor covers all aspects of construction: plans, permits, electrical, plumbing, floor and wall coverings, windows and doors, cabinetry, pool/spa, and overall design/style incorporation. Our home turned out better than we could have imagined. You are welcome to view either photos or actual home if you are so inclined. We would hire Bob again with no hesitation.

Bob and Priscilla Phillips